rashad-evsns-wall-smI have never been a fan of Chuck Liddell’s as I really never thought he was that good of a fighter. Although I really enjoyed when he knocked the hell out of Tito Ortiz, a guy I really don’t like. But on September 6th, I picked the upset by Rashad “Sugar” Evans to not only win the fight against Liddell, but to knock him out in the second round and some people still owe me some money for that one!  UFC 88 offered a decent fight card with Rich Franklin winning a good TKO over Matt Hamil and of course the beautiful over-hand right thrown by Rashad that left Chucky-Boy seeing stars.  Rashad is normally a slow starter in the Octagon, but I knew Chuck did not have the tools to deal with the agility and fast hands of Rashad.  People for some reason thought it would be the usual, “try to take Chuck down all night” affair, but for Rashad to win, he had to take it to Chuck and take it to him hard. He did just that and surprised a lot of his critics and especially Chuck Liddell.  I’m not sure if Rashad Evans is champion material yet, because his fight game still has holes.  Although he is very quick and strong, he is missing the submission skills that can take him to the next level.  Kevin Randleman and even Quinton “Rampage” Jackson lacked the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to have true longevity although both were champions in the UFC. Guys, pay a visit to one of my favorite fighters: Antonio Nogueira and I guarantee all 3 of you will be extremely difficult to beat. Congratulations Rashad, enjoy the great win and keep the intensity up and keep striving to win that UFC belt!