“And I go: Pardon?” The Champ says before he unleashes a play-by-play beat-down of some poor misunderstood, chump. I’m not sure how I grew up in Toronto for 30 plus years and never heard of this Jake Edwards creation, but I’m glad I finally did. The Champ is a hilarious retired boxer that probably should have retired much earlier. All those blows he took to the head now cause him to take the things that people say, entirely the wrong way.

“After one particularly muddy game against Chicago I overheard one of the linemen, Knuckles Muldoon — he was my cut man from when I fought Liston — say to my wife: ‘Hey, Mrs. Champ, would you mind polishing my purple helmet?’

“And I go: Pardon?”

Knuckles says, “I said Champ, I just asked your wife to polish my purple helmet for me.”

“And so I lose it,” says the Champ. “I snap. I head fake him with the Gatorade — and the idiot goes for it — I hit him so many times he thinks he’s surrounded, I swing him around by the nostrils until his butt-hole whistles …”

“Hey Champ… Why don’t you take your hat and jacket off?”

Jake Edwards
, aka: Brother Jake has mastered the art of the double entendre, with his macho and quick tempered character, The Champ. Jake really became “The Champ” while he worked in Toronto at Q-107 on “The Morning Drive” show. For a couple of free audio samples of The Champ in action, click here. You can also buy his full audio disks from Pacific Music (I’m not sure why they aren’t on Amazon) under the following titles:

The Champ is still being broadcast across the radio waves, so if you don’t pick up any CD’s make sure you check him out on one of these fine stations.

Current Stations On Board:

Q107 Toronto
Rock 101 Vancouver
Z99 Red Deer Alberta
CFNO Marathon, Ontario
CKIQ Iqaluit, Nunavut
CJSS Cornwall

Stations that have featured the Champ also include:

Rock 102 Saskatoon
CKNL Fort St John
CHOM Montreal
CJNE Nipawin, Saskatchewan
CKCK Regina ,Saskatchewan
CJSD Thunder Bay
Q92 Timmins

“And every since then… He’s been The Champ. Ding!

I just love this guy! Enjoy!