NBA Dunk of the night.

The NBA – It’s Fantastic!

Only 4 teams left and it’s time for the real basketball that only played at playoff time in the NBA and by "real" I mean defense is being played.  So let’s map this out:

Orlando Magic vs. Cleveland Cavaliers
Denver Nuggets vs. Los Angeles Lakers

I would love Orlando to win the whole thing, but I’m not sure they can deal with Lebron and Cleveland.  So the Cavs win that series 4-2 (but I hope I’m wrong!)

The Lakers should walk over Denver, although Denver has played pretty well with Chauncy Billups leading the squad. And keeping in mind that the Lakers went 7 games against the Houston Rockets (without Yao and McGrady) I think this one has 7 game potential as well, with the Lakers winning 4-3.

I can’t map out the next round with a good conscience, but Cleveland to defeat whoever they meet in the finals, 4-1.   Now sit back and watch the Dunk of The Night, below!

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