Barack Obama

President Obama : 50 Days in.

As I mentioned before, I listen to radio shows of Presidents harshest critics quite a bit.  Rush, Hannity and the insane Mark Levin (although I can only stomach him before has has his daily “spaz” attack), but I think it is always a good idea to hear what people have to say, whether you agree with it or not.  It helps to give you a different perspective, may change your views and if nothing else, give you more reasons to know you are on the right course for yourself. 

All of these daily milestones for the president don’t make a lot of sense to me, because many of the actions and decisions of a president do not have an immediate impact.  Having said that, they can be used as a gauge of promises made during a presidential campaign.  The website PolitiFact has done just that.  They have compiled a list of more than 500 promises President Obama made on the campaign trail and they are keeping track of what has been done to make them a reality or if they have been broken entirely. 

Here’s a snapshot of  President Obama’s progress:

The Obameter Scorecard

    1. Promise Kept17
    2. Compromise7
    3. Promise Broken2
    4. Stalled2
    5. In the Works39
    6. No Action – 446

via PolitiFact

Not that politicians are known for keeping their promises, I think Barack Obama will do the best he can to shape an America that is a little more compassionate and understanding.  I think he truly understands that it’s not all about the “haves” and “have nots”, it’s about giving everyone an equal opportunity to do the best for themselves, their families and their country.  I’ll wait for the 4 year milestone and see if President Obama is elected for a second term to really determine if he’s doing what the voting masses want.

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