Chocolate Fantasy

A torrid tale of a chocolate fantasy.

This is truly a classic… I had to share it with you and bravo to whoever created this gem.  Thanks for sending it my way, Marsha! Enjoy and think about this the next time you’re having a chocolate bar.

It was pay day and mr goodbar was looking to skor. And since he considered himself to be a maverick, this would not be a problem.  While walking down 5th avenue and eating some Mcnuggets, he sees Miss hersheys and admires her whoppers. After some greeting kisses, they decide to go to a product_logo_symphony and then end up at the pot of gold motel.  mr goodbar was up to his old twix and used his butterfinger‘s to start feeling on her mounds.

“Can you make your tootsie roll?” he asked.

She responds, “No, but if you eat more, it would be an almond joy,” and let out a few snickers of laughter.

The scene was getting nutrageous. He slipped his big hunk into her kitkat and caused a milky way.  She was in total bliss and screamed, “oh Henry, you are even better than the 3 musketeers!”

“That’s why they call me mr big“, he exclaimed. “Now take 5 and then we’ll have some whatchamacalit again.”

Some time later, mr goodbar saw Miss hersheys on clark boulevard and she looked a bit chunky, and 9 months later little baby ruth was unwrapped.

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