Riddex Plus – Product Review

Times have definitely changed and it seems like major league baseball players are wrestlers aren’t the only ones taking steroids. Bugs are getting bigger and faster every day and we get our share in the house which freak out the family and then it’s time to go “bug-huntin”.  Like you, I had seen the infomercial’s about the Riddex Plus digital bug repellent system and of course I was skeptical and no one else I knew had tried it out.  So I took one for the team and ordered a couple for myself and some family members.  At $29.99 per unit and a special offer of a second unit free, it seemed like a worthwhile test and investment.

Our main issues were ants and spiders and although the Riddex system states that you only need one unit per floor, I decided to plug 2 in, since I live in a bungalow with no basement at about 2200 sq. ft.  The claim is that the product also keeps small rodents away as well, although I haven’t seen any of those around our place.

I won’t get into too much of the technology behind this device, but if you want more detailed information, please click here.  The basic concept is that it uses the internal wiring of any structure to send electronic pulses that deter pests from wanting to come in.  It is a cool little unit that plugs into any outlet and even sports a nightlight capability for those that might need it.  No buzzing, but it does have a green and intermittent red flashing light that might annoy some people out there, so plugging it in somewhere out of sight is an easy solution.

The product has been in place for almost 2 months now and I have to say that other than 2 ants after the first couple of days of having the system plugged in, I have not seen one bug inside of the house and trust me, that is a huge relief.  Even flying insects don’t appear to be interested in coming in the house, although they do buzz around outside of the premises.

The Riddex Plus gets a thumbs-up from me and I’ll be waiting to get some reviews back from family members once they’ve had some time to verify some of the results for them.  And I’d like to hear from any readers that tried it out too! So if you are like me and have had enough of bugs on the inside and don’t want to kill yourself and family with bug sprays, try the Riddex Plus system and live bug free!  If not… Happy Bug-Huntin!

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